Ted Ullyot: The Replacement

Earlier this week I posted about Facebook hiring a new general counsel. Well as Caroline McCarthy pointed out, that wasn’t the full story. Apparently Ted Ullyot has been hired to replace Rudy Gadre who left the company back in July. According to Law.com, Gadre hadn’t received much family time and wanted to leave the company. Facebook has had a substantial number of employees leave the company which is odd for most startups.

Thanks to Facebook’s policy of letting early employees sell some of their shares, many have been able to profit a little from the company’s continuing success even though it has yet to go public. According to Caroline McCarthy, Gadre has moved to “search-and-discover start-up Evri, which is based in Seattle, has hired him as vice president of business operations. He’ll be in charge of legal issues, intellectual property, and various marketing and “audience building” tasks.”

There appears to be a number of executives that like jumping from start-up to start-up to get their hands on some early shares. I’m not suggesting that Gadre is one of those executives but it’s interesting to see how many of the early executives have left the company and have ended up in other positions already.

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