The Battle of Bret Baier and David Shuster

Showdown, the new book by David Corn has gotten the attention of Fox News. HuffPost reports that last night, FNC’s Bret Baier created a Showdown of his own by calling out Corn over allegations made in the book. Corn says Fox News helped push the myth that POTUS was a Muslim and this is among the reasons his popularity sank. Baier says that they have found “no evidence” of any host saying that the President is a Muslim.

It wasn’t long before Current TV’s bouncy David Shuster came to Corn’s defense on Twitter as he posted this in response to Baier.

SHOTS FIRED! Shuster references a segment from Baier’s show in 2009 that asked if POTUS was a Muslim.

Just moments ago, Baier fired back with a vicious retort about the WEATHER.

OK, so we can’t really imagine baby faced Bret Baier getting into a real Twitter fight, but it’s fun to dream. We have a strong feeling we haven’t heard the end of this saga.