The Book of Life: Sugar Smash Launches on Facebook

The Book of Life Sugar SmashAfter releasing the game on iOS and Android devices earlier this year, SGN Games has announced the launch of The Book of Life: Sugar Smash on Facebook. The game is based on the film The Book of Life, which released in theaters in October 2014, and takes players to a colorful world where they’ll complete goals in match-three levels.

Each level of The Book of Life: Sugar Smash has a specific goal, from creating matches with large quantities of specific kinds of treats, to breaking the churros that rest underneath certain symbols, and so on. Players make matches by swapping the locations of two touching symbols to create a vertical or horizontal line of three identical treats.

If players make a match of four symbols, they create a power-up treat capable of clearing one whole row or column of symbols from the board when activated. Meanwhile, matches in special L or T shapes result in powers that either explode and clear a cluster of nearby symbols, or those that clear all symbols in an “X” shape on the board, respectively. Finally, a match of five symbols creates a treat which can be used to clear all symbols of a single color from the board.The Book of Life Sugar SmashAs players progress through stages, they’ll unlock power-ups. Some are available to purchase before beginning a stage, while others are available in the middle of a level. A Maraca, for instance, can be used to clear any chosen symbol from the board, while extra moves can be purchased before beginning a difficult stage, as examples.

Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on their score, and can compare their scores with their friends’ on level-specific leaderboards. If players fail to complete a level’s requirements before running out of moves, they lose a life. These recharge automatically over time, or can be sent between friends as free gifts. Players can also purchase them with coins, the game’s premium currency.

The Book of Life: Sugar Smash is available to play for free on Facebook. The game is also available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.