The Future of Panel Discussions: A Panel Discussion

Ever powerless in the face of mise en abyme, we recommend that those proximal to Manhattan attend this evening’s panel discussion on the future of panel discussions at the EFA (Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts) Project Space. Held in conjunction with the gallery’s proudly bizarro “Never Late Than Better” exhibition (curated by Trong Gia Nguyen and on view through May 16), the discussion promises to be “a participatory event in which the spectators are rotated into the seats of the panelists.” We hear that a tarot card reader and a psychic will be involved, but the organizers advise only that you “come prepared for mystery and intrigue, and leave expectations at the door.” And don’t collect your expectations until after the post-panel screenings of bootlegged art films. In an event dubbed “The Glorified Docent,” a group of art critics—including Art Fag City’s Paddy Johnson—will critique the films in the celebrated style of Mystery Science Theater 3000, but (probably) with fewer robots.
[Photo by Alev Adil]

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