The Guardian Reports Privacy Concerns for Users of Whisper App

WhisperFor those who post secrets to the smart phone app Whisper and believe their messages and location are not being tracked, a piece by The Guardian published yesterday suggests otherwise.

The U.K. daily recently met with top Whisper executives in pursuit of a journalistic partnership, and over the course of meetings last week, report Whisper procedures that contradict user perceptions of how their posts are being collected and analyzed.

Per The Guardian’s Paul Lewis and Dominic Rushe:

“The company behind Whisper, the social media app that promises users anonymity and claims to be ‘the safest place on the internet’, is tracking the location of its users, including some who have specifically asked not to be followed…Whisper is also sharing information with the US Department of Defense gleaned from smartphones it knows are used from military bases, and developing a version of its app to conform with Chinese censorship laws…Separately, Whisper has been following a user claiming to be a sex-obsessed lobbyist in Washington DC. The company’s tracking tools allow staff to monitor which areas of the capital the lobbyist visits. ‘He’s a guy that we’ll track for the rest of his life and he’ll have no idea we’ll be watching him,’ the same Whisper executive said.”

While that last nugget about the sex-obsessed Washington lobbyist piques interest, the overall tracking of users is of much larger concern.

For more, click on over to The Guardian.

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