The Hunger Games Adventures aims for the adventure game bullseye on Facebook

The Hunger Games Adventures has finally launched on Facebook, after a week of being in closed beta. The game allows players to become a character in author Suzanne Collins’ world, and it combines adventure and base management mechanics.

The story follows a player’s character as he or she hangs out in District 12, interacting with iconic characters from the books and movies like Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne and Peeta Mellark. Katniss and Gale guide players on quests through the impoverished district and the surrounding woods, teaching them to hunt for food and fight monsters outside District 12, barter and trade within the town and build up their “Forest Escape” base camp in the woods. Core gameplay is similar to Zynga’s CastleVille, with players unlocking new sections of the map through completing quests or gaining new levels.

The game monetizes via the sale of virtual goods — like base items and traps — and energy refills, although “special” section of the store currently stands empty. Music from the motion pictures also functions as a monetization method, where in-game mockingjay birds will play songs from the film’s soundtrack, simultaneously providing links to the album’s iTunes page. The game itself doesn’t allow players to directly buy songs from iTunes, and there’s no real reason to do so since this won’t provide any in-game rewards.

Social features are not in place yet. Even though we added friends and were added by others, they never appeared in the bar at the bottom of the screen. A world-map button is present, but brings up a “coming soon” message when clicked on, as does the button for what looks like a player versus player competition feature.

Movie-based Facebook games have a habit of falling off players’ radar once the film’s left theaters. The Hunger Games Adventures will probably lose a bit of traffic once the movie finishes its theatrical run, but it could stick around for quite some time, since the source books are constantly adding new readers to their already-substantial fanbase. There are also three more Hunger Games movies in production, so the IP will probably continue to grow in popularity over the next few years.

Fans of The Hunger Games will undoubtedly love interacting with the series’s heroes, and the narration drops in lots of references to small details from the books. Developer Funtactix came through on its promise to create a game that would cater to both casual fans and hardcore devotees of the franchise and the overall experience is fun. The Hunger Games Adventures does have some pretty noticeable kinks, though. During our playthrough load screens would regularly freeze, we were disconnected from the game several times, the game’s page wouldn’t load and we also encountered a mission that wouldn’t acknowledge we’d completed all the required tasks. Even staunch fans of the books and movie should wait for a little while so Funtactix can update the game to make it a bit more stable before diving into the adventure.

Look for The Hunger Games Adventures in the coming weeks on our traffic tracking service,  AppData.


A fun game that will thrill fans of the source material, but too many bugs mar the experience.