The Internet Remembers Monkees Singer Davy Jones

Davy Jones, the star of the 1960’s band the Monkees, has died of a heart attack at the age of 66, the Washington Post confirmed. Though it first aired in 1966, the Monkees’ television series was in syndication for years, which may be why fans of all ages have turned to social media to remember the television star and voice behind lovable pop tunes like “Daydream Believer” with some seriously quirky tributes.

The Tumblr blog Psycho Jello has an especially large collection of photos, gossip, and memes, including a video tribute played by an animatronic band at Showbiz Pizza.  The star was nothing if not photogenic, which makes Tumblr a rewarding place to dig for Davy Jones memorabilia.

“Thank God the Monkees were one of the most photographed bands of the 1960s and maybe even of all time,” wrote a Psycho Jello blogger. “I don’t think we’ll run out of Davy photos to post for quite some time:).” There are currently 1,800 of them on the main fan site, which was built in 1999.

The Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in Rutherford, NJ also created a special cupcake in Jones’s honor. The “Daydream Believer” is a lemon cake with lemon curd and coconut cream filling that’s topped with coconut marshmallow fluff.

From the Tumblr blog Almost Famous Cats came an interesting trend on Pinterest: Davy Jones and cats. There is a Celebrities With Cats board that includes more than one picture of Davy Jones holding a cat in his arms. Who knew he was such a cat man? One picture of the singer holding a gray cat with bright, green eyes elicited 167 likes,  48 comments, and 486 repins.

On Spotify, Rhino Records released “Monkee Mania,” a 56 minute-long playlist containing 22 tracks of Monkees hits that have sold millions of records over the last four decades.

With laughter as well as tears, Jones’s fans mourned the end of an era. “I’m a bereaver,” they quipped on Twitter, but pop star Cyndi Lauper tweeted it best: “I am sad to see that Davy Jones has passed away,” she wrote. “I had a crush on him as a 12 yr. old. I hope his family is ok.”


Image by Goran Djukanovic via Shutterstock.

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