The Life Of A Hashtag On Twitter [INFOGRAPHIC]

We’ve all seen hashtags pop up on the Trending Topics list, then fade away after people run out of jokes about their #worstdate. But what is the lifecycle of that hashtag? How did it become popular, and where did it go after?

The folks at have just launched a tool that allows anyone to create their own infographics about Twitter accounts and hashtags, and have put together one about the life of the #infographic hashtag to illustrate this fun new tool.

If you’ve ever had aspirations of graphic design but could never quite figure out how to select anything in Photoshop, you’re in luck:’s new Create tool allows anyone to create an infographic with a few clicks.

The infographic the team created to showcase their new tool is below. It tells the story of the #infographic hashtag on Twitter between February 11th and March 11th.

In a single month, “#infographic” was tweeted a grand total of 56,765 times. The first and most influential tweet in this time period was from @CoachForYou, while the last, most influential tweet was from @2morrowknight. At its peak, the #infographic hashtag was used 3,365 times in a 24 hours period.

You can take a look at the story of #infographic below, or create your own infographic about a hashtag, Twitter account or Facebook account here.

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