The Media Outrage Cycle, Explained in Less Than Two Minutes our friends at 'Fast Company'

Yesterday, our friends over at Fast Company posted an interesting video designed to answer the question: what’s with the current vogue for CONSTANT OUTRAGE?

Check out Senior Editor Jason Feifer’s hot take:

We think Feifer is onto something, and we made a similar point in our “biggest PR winners of 2014” post: yes, the NFL got lots of terrible press over the domestic violence controversy, but the organization’s own incompetence and insensitivity had little, if any, effect on its business.

As Slate so expertly illustrated with its “Year of Outrage” piece, scandals make headlines — but in the vast majority of cases, the public is quick to forget, if not to forgive.

Bad news will continue to provide big headaches for crisis specialists, but unless consumers grow even more active in response to these stories, they too shall pass…even if their hashtags last forever.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.