The Most Retweeted Brands On Twitter [STATS]

A retweet is a powerful thing. It helps spread your content to a much wider audience than just those people immediately following you, and it adds social credibility to whatever is being shared.

So which brands are doing Twitter right, and seeing the most retweets?

Social media analytics platform Track Social took a look at the top 10 brands on Twitter in terms of retweets – and the list might surprise you.

A retweet, for those new to the Twitter scene, is when a Twitter user forwards someone else’s tweet to his or her own followers. It amplifies the original tweet by spreading it to a wider audience.

And not only does retweeting help expand a message to parts of Twitter it didn’t originally hit, but it also gives users a sense that that content is vouched for. It was good enough, interesting enough, controversial enough to be manually retweeted by a friend, colleague or someone they respect on Twitter. And because of this social stamp of approval, content that is retweeted is often seen as more important than other content on Twitter.

Track Social believes in the power of the retweet, and created the below leaderboard to highlight the brands who receive the most retweet action per day:

1. Joyce Meyer Ministries
3. Joel Osteen Ministries
4. Miami Heat
5. Breaking News
6. NBA
7. CNN Breaking News
8. Los Angeles Lakers
9. Chicago Bulls
10. BBC Breaking News

An important note about which accounts were considered: Track Social did not look at individuals or celebrity accounts, only brands, for this particular analysis.

Of the top 10 retweetable brands, 8 are either sports or breaking news-related. And this makes sense. Sports scores, stats and other news, as well as breaking political news from around the world or around your country, are two types of content perfectly suited for Twitter. Twitter offers a fast-paced, information-heavy, real-time environment, which sports and news thrive on.

Did the list contain any surprises for you? Let us know in the comments below.

(Viral information image via Shutterstock)