The Music Sharing Habits Of Twitter Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter users are a music-loving bunch. Some of the most-followed users are musicians, like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, all of whom have tens of millions of followers.

Social music service Serendip wanted to know just how much Twitter users loved their music, so they put together this infographic to find out.

Serendip examined the music habits of 2 million Twitter users by looking at 114 million music-related tweets sent over a 6 month period. Here’s some of what they discovered:

Londoners are the most musical Twitter users, sharing just under 900,000 songs in six months. And following London is Sao Paulo with just over 750,000 songs shared, and Istanbul with about 530,000 songs shared.

And you might be surprised to learn which artist is the most-tweeted-about among these music-loving cities. It’s probably not who you’d think it is!

Boy band One Direction is in the top three artists in three of five of the top tweeting cities, and Adele and Cold Play make the top three in two cities. Nowhere in the top three do you see Twitter mega-stars like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber (but Bieber makes it to the top five most-shared artists in the world when not segmenting by city).

This infographic also explores the best days for music sharing, how world events have impacted the popularity of certain artists, and the worldwide popularity of the top 15 artists on Twitter. Take a look below.

(Infographic courtesy of Serendip; Music tablet image via Shutterstock)

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