The Nearly $4 Billion Price Tag for the 2016 Midterm Elections

OpenSecrets_logo_2colorThe Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks spending in U.S. politics and the effects it has on elections and policy, projects that nearly $4 billion will be spent during this year’s midterm elections. That figure accounts for the most spending on a midterm election to date, an estimated $333 million more spent this year than 2010’s $3.6 billion midterm spending.

“That figure makes this year’s election by far the most expensive midterm ever. The candidates and parties alone will combine to spend about $2.7 billion, while outside groups will likely spend close to $900 million on their own — a figure that veers close to the $1.3 billion spent by outside groups in 2012, when the hyper-expensive presidential race was fueling the fire.”

“By the end of the battle, when totals for every category are added together, Team Red will outspend Team Blue, CRP projects. GOP and conservative-leaning candidates, party committees and outside groups will spend at least $1.92 billion, compared to at least $1.76 billion their rivals on the Democratic and liberal-leaning side will spend.”

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