The New Restaurant Critic Is You [Infographic]

There was a time when a foodie had only the local newspaper restaurant reviews as an aide to navigating himself towards the nearest quality eaterie.  Along came the web, and search, and finally social, and now the world of dining on recommendation has been completely transformed.  It’s not difficult to find recommendations from a whole host of people nowadays — be they everyday folks, restaurant critics or your own Facebook friends.  A new infographic takes a look at how in reality, the most important new restaurant critic is actually you.

In the infographic, created by the fine people at KeepingItKleen, we can see that 80% of consumers use the web to check out menus before dining at any given restaurant.  90% of consumers trust peer reviews and 70% trust online reviews from sources they don’t know personally.  Finally, the infographic looks at Yelp and Foursquare specifically – just how are those networks affecting eating and restaurant reviews?