The New York Times Granted Access to SNL, Big Bird

It’s a rarity to be sure– getting media access to Saturday Night Live as it prepares for its next show.

But The New York Times and Bill Carter got the special credential leading up to Saturday night. And what timing the newspaper walked into. SNL performs at its highest level during election season, and the folks at 30 Rock (the address, not the show) didn’t miss a beat.

Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers welcomed Big Bird, who feathers were caught in controversy when Mitt Romney said at the debate that he’d end PBS funding.

As Carter writes, it was no simple walk-on appearance for the famous yellow bird from creator Jim Henson. Executives from Sesame Workshop were not fond of having their beloved children’s character used for any political commentary.

But executive producer Lorne Michaels made an direct appeal, letting them check the script. They acquiesced. There was Carroll Spinney, the only person to play Big Bird, trading one liners with Meyers.

The Sesame Street icon told Meyers how he learned his name was in the news.

“I got a million tweets…I’m a bird, tweeting is how we talk.”

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