The New York Times Ignores Spell Check…Again

NYT building

Quick question: Anyone know any editors at The New York Times? Specifically, someone who works on the front page?

You see, we in the PRNewserverse are concerned about the paper nicknamed “The Old Grey Lady” because we believe the old broad has a serious case of glaucoma. Don’t get us wrong, we heart our journo friends at the Times and believe they’re some of the best reporters in the country. Their editors, though, aren’t doing them any favors recently.

Lately, the Times has been on a roll with a string of spelling kerfuffles, and its most recent issue is something most MS Word programs will flag with quickness. Pour a little liquor on the curb for that lady…

Last week, we brought to you an unfortunate faux-pas from the Times that showed a story on the front page printed with no subhed, lede, or even introductory paragraph.

Earlier this summer, we were told that President Obama “Tells West Point Cadets That Critics Misread His Cautious Reponse to World Crises.”

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And now, without further ado, we have this subhed on the front page of all places. Ready for the #facepalm in 3…2…1…

NYT Fail

Did you see it? “Panic Were Ebola Risk Is Tiny; Stoicism Where It’s Real.”

Poor lady. We know you have been laying off good people, and it looks like you need the pick-me-up.

Also, a reminder: check your spelling twice. Always.