The Onion Asks Area People About the World Trade Center 30-Year Delay

Back in September of last year, things seemed to finally be going well for the World Trade Center rebuilding and memorial constructing. Then, of course, the real scope of the financial fall started to loom over everyone’s heads and anything anywhere that was being built started to slow way, way down. This effect finally crept into the WTC location, as The Port Authority of New Work and New Jersey has come out to say that while One World Trade Center and the memorial/museum were still on track (what that means, we’re not sure, since it hasn’t been on track since day one), they were expecting that it might take some three decades before all the surrounding buildings might get constructed, given how there’s not much money out there right now to start funding big projects like this. Fortunately, we can all laugh about this, as The Onion put together a rare architecture-themed American Voices pieces, asking their usual batch of regular people what they think of this announced delay. Only three to read, but each very funny.

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