The Onion Writers Forget They’re Writers, Turn Down Jobs

The Onion, as we noted back in September, is moving its operations out of our great city and centralizing everything in Chicago. When staffers heard about the move from CEO Steve Hannah, many were angered by the situation. Now that the move is beginning, the numbers are showing that many were very upset: The Atlantic Wire is reporting that only five of the 16 staffers have agreed to move and thus keep their jobs.

Hannah thinks he did everything possible to make the move enticing:

While Hannah acknowledged ‘I could have been far more delicate about delivering the news,’ he said he’s tried to do right by the editorial team. ‘I regret the way that first meeting went but I certainly don’t apologize for making extremely generous offers for everyone. Every single New York writer was offered a raise and a relocation package.’

Look, we know it’s not easy to move from New York to Chicago. This is New York, and well, everywhere else is everywhere else. And leaving behind friends and real pizza for strangers and slop that vaguely resembles pizza is difficult. But writers turning down jobs, raises and relocation packages seems crazy. Hope it all works out for them.