The President’s on Pinterest

It’s almost like a coming of age for a social network when the President gets on board.  It was a big deal when Obama joined Twitter, Facebook and Google+, and now he’s signed up for the latest social craze: Pinterest.  His Pinterest page so far includes Obama-inspired recipes, photos of The First Family and ObamArt.

There’s a good amount, but not a tidal wave, of interest on his Pinterest page so far.  For example, the image above, titled “The force is strong in this one,” has 96 repins and 56 likes as of this writing.  But that’s something that Obama’s campaign has always done well – hit the niches.  This may not get a ton of traffic, but certainly the power-pinners that are driving Pinterest’s continued growth are going to appreciate his appearance on the site.

His Pinterest page has around 5000 followers at this point, but that number should increase just like his Google+ page did.  However, at this point the Obama page has zero likes and the only people that his Pinterest page is following are other Obama pages.  Hopefully they’ll begin to engage with the community, as even a simple search for “Obama” reveals a whole host of interesting images relating to him, and it would be great if they acknowledged some of that work.

Are you going to follow Obama on Pinterest?

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