The Real Top 14 PR Twits to Follow in 2014 (Part 3)


There are numerous PR blogs on this World Wide Web, many of which we highly recommend you bookmark today. And although we pride ourselves on being the hottest tourist spot in the Mediabistro nation, we implore all PR professionals to get a bit more familiar with their industry.

Baffling fact: media lists are one thing, but for many PRs the only “who’s who” list that matters concerns people within their own agency.

And yet, there are many incredible people of note in this industry. That’s why we try to shine a light on the real motivators of media, purveyors of PR, and sultans of SEO. And now, after some due diligence (and ignoring our inbox for a few days), we have another list. In fact, it’s Part 3 of a series.

Get your bookmarks ready for the next 14 power players of PR on Twitter.

ed zitron1. Ed Zitron. At PRNewser, we aren’t sure if our fearless leader is crushing on Ed because of his smooth British accent or the fact that his agency has a sweet name (EZ-PR, get it?) but we are sure you have probably seen him quoted a couple of times. Jokes aside, it’s because this guy has great stuff to say. Some PR people take umbrage with his pontifications, but that’s only because he tells the truth. He even wrote a noteworthy book on pitching. For those reasons, and several others, he merits your attention. He got ours.

ArikHanson2. Arik Hanson. Ever heard of #HAPPO? If you are in PR, you have trolled that hashtag at least once hoping to find a new gig. Well, thank this guy. It was his idea. And he lives the premise — he’s all about helping a PR pro out through insight, content, shares, and interaction. It’s obvious the man thinks ahead. He even reserved the Twitter handle of the Swedish spelling of his name, just in case. Who does that? Either a complete narcissist or someone who just gets it. (Once you follow him for a while, you’ll allow the occasional indulgence.)

mark fish3. Mark Fish. This guy is what you expect of a social media addict — whimsical tweets, insight that forces followers to ask “Where’d he get that website?” and engagement in high demand. The guy offers “Edward Snowden Privacy Tips” without fear of the NSA bugging his handle. Follow him for any amount of time and you will be doing more than sharing his tweets; you will be bookmarking the websites he trolls. Why? You hope to offer the stuff he finds on a weekly basis. Oh, and his bio? “One lab accident away from becoming a super villain” is what did it for us.

shonali burke4. Shonali Burke. Personally, she was one of my first Twitter crushes. Sure, her name is exotic — but on Twitter, it’s all about smart people. Then, when you find someone who shares good links, you hope he or she seems like a good person. Anyone who wants to help bring change to an industry in need of it is most likely good to the core. #MeasurePR took form when people began discussing the death of the AVE in hushed tones. She did that first. Bravo and well worth the follow. (I’m not a stalker, I just tweet a lot.)

Rich-Leigh5. Rich Leigh. So, when most people in PR get on Twitter and start trolling for followers, they will enter “PR” and eventually find @PRExamples. It sounds like a space to find case studies and smart stuff about PR, and you would be right. That’s Rich. I suppose work wasn’t that busy for the guy, so he decided once PR Examples was doing okay, he would create another bigwig handle. That’s @Bloggabase. I know, right? Both handles are tools for people in the industry to learn about best practices and discover the best case studies. If he anything, he deserves a “thank you.”

don ferguson6. Don Ferguson. It’s like the Beatles came to PR with this British invasion. First Ed, then Rich, and now Don. Even if he didn’t rock at social media and PR, his beard would have made the list, but since “@DFergPRBeard” didn’t exist, we’ll invite the man. Although selective about his follows, he’s even more choosy with his content: a Twitpic here; an RT there. A little comment. A lot of insight. Following Don makes sense for most PR people because the goal of this game is to learn how to do best job possible for your teams and clients. Don makes that look easier than doubling the length of your facial hair.

richard laermer7. Richard Laermer. You know about Bad Pitch Blog, right?  Kevin Dugan is all over it. And he doesn’t work alone. His compadre is our man, Mr. Laermer. When you think of a “creative,” Laermer is a nice prototype for PR circles. Sometimes, there’s no rhyme or reason to his timeline…unless, of course, you rock it the way he does. There’s a string of good stories on the industry and then, he slaps you in the mouth with a quote, a random musing, or even a joke. It’s levity on what could be a boring day in your office. Kinda’ reminds of someone I know. All too well. 

andrew bloch8. Andrew Bloch. If you ever find yourself searching for a potpourri of interests, sundry thoughts, and great reviews of PR stories, Andrew is your guy…or mate, depending on what side of the pond you call home. As founder of the noteworthy Frank PR, Andrew’s street cred speaks for itself. For some odd reason, his name doesn’t randomly appear on many of these lists. The guy has a wheelbarrow of followers for a reason, a sterling reputation in the industry, and has even won an award or two (check out his Twitter header), so lists…knuckle up and make room for a brother.

judy-gombita9. Judy Gombita. Here’s another one: ever heard of @PRConversations? If not, you should check it out. That’s Judy and her colleagues. If you follow her for any amount of time, you will note that she scrubs the Web for media relations stories, PR angles, and interesting tidbits on an almost daily basis. I dig it because there are few in PR that are cut from the hybrid cloth — those who wax eloquent among public relations professionals, and then sound just as convincing among the social media Webheads. If you are looking for a personification of that mix, Judy is someone to consider.

jen nedeau10. Jen Nedeau. As a self-espoused “tech nerd” and “politics junkie,” Jen is a freak of nature. How so? She can clearly get down with both, write about it, and discuss them equally as well. (She’s also a @Medium writer, that’s how we know.) It’s always refreshing to find someone who works with media or deals with clients and also “gets it.” Jen is that rare find, so if you’re already following the Himlers, Falls, Domanskys, Brogans, and Meerman Scotts of the world (and you should), follow her too.

carrie morgan11. Carrie Morgan. She’s one of those uncommon PR executives who doesn’t believe her own press, which is necessary in an industry with more than its share of ego storage facilities. Some “big names” in the PR world of Twitter don’t really pull much, which is to say, they’re not chatty with others. We aren’t big fans of that because of the premise of social media and public relations is to…well, you get it. Carrie has no problem with engagement or interaction, and we so dig that about her. Oh yeah, and She helped create #PRProChat (First Thursdays at 3 p.m. EST), so there’s that. She’s even good for the occasional random post about ear pimples!

anonymous pr girl12. Anonymous PR Girl. I’m a sucker for a great parody or changeling account. We all are at PRNewser. She’s one to follow, whoever she is. What’s strange about her is that there are very few such accounts in PR. It seems that she and Senor Flack of #PRFail fame are leading the charge. PR needs some levity, and these two definitely provide that. Anon’s timeline is full of soft-spoken musings that could lead or connect to great rants on the industry. And the girl could use a few more followers. Give her a try.

joan stewart13. Joan Stewart. We have the #HAPPO, #MeasurePR, @PRConvesrations, and #PRProChat major domos in here. Here’s another: Publicity Hound, anyone? Joan, a devout follower of the Church of Cheeseheads, is known by many PR types across this country by her nom de plumb versus her name. Her website provides great tips and tools for public relations and social media outreach, and she’s well-versed across many platforms. If you haven’t followed her before, get to know the woman behind the website. You will thank us later for the solid.

Valerie-Simon14. Valerie Merahn Simon. One more muckety-muck in the PR world, and one worth knowing. Valerie is the co-founder of #PRStudChat (along with the great, previously noted Deirdre Breakenridge). Now, in case you weren’t aware, Deirdre and Valerie are not running a PR dating site: “stud” is short for student, as in PRSSA. And what they’re doing for the industry is no laughing matter. Helping students in the field understand the finite needs of clients and the media is much appreciated.

If you’re interested (and you should be, if you ask us), your humble servants at PRNewser are worth a good follow and mention:

  1. Patrick Coffee (the aforementioned fearless leader of PRNewser)
  2. Elizabeth S. Mitchell (an eclectic PR soul if ever there was one)
  3. Tonya Garcia (she’s an editor in the media and a great representation of the PR biz too)
  4. Claire Daniel (someone who blogs as much as she does is worth befriending)
  5. Shawn Paul Wood (yours truly)

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