‘The Situation’ Has Launched a Blog Called ‘SitchNews’

Jersey Shore‘s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has started “an online social/pop culture experience that gives you all the latest and greatest in celebrity, entertainment, nightlife, fashion and Situation Nation news,” aptly called SitchNews.

Gawker notes some of the design similarities between their site and SitchNews (eerie!), but that’s probably where the parallels end. Story categories include “That Shit Cray,” “Sexting,” and “Tila Tequila.” And, after taking a quick look over the past couple of days, two posts getting a thumbs up icon designation are both “Official Situation” stories: the first about “Situation Abs” cream and the second about the fun time the reality star and e-commerce mogul is having in Australia.

Jenny Blue looks to be the primary writer for the site. Her title is “chief word cruncher” and her description is as follows: “i love pop culture and my spirit animal is a unicorn.”

Get your pitches ready!

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