The Top 25 Facebook Games for April, 2009

With the exception of the Top 3 Facebook games, this past month has not been as “positive” as those recently. Nearly half of the apps in the top 25 lost monthly active users in March. However, the number of losses did allow for a few titles to make impressive jumps in popularity. The highlights:

  • Former #2 app Pass a Drink fell to #5 after losing over 2.5 million active users in March, giving up its spot to Playfish giant Pet Society which gained around 1.3 million active users.
  • Zynga’s Mafia Wars is holding strong at #3, pulling in a total of 9,135,999 active users, with Bumper Sticker rolling in at around 7 million.
  • YoVille from also continued to overtake the bulk of the Playfish titles, appearing at #7.
  • Poker Palace from Playdom seems to have lost some steam as its drastic rise through the rankings each month has halted, falling from the #15 spot to #18 loosing over 400,000 players.
  • Two games made a huge leap in the rankings: #16 Street Racing (previously #22) and #19 Vampire Wars (previously #23) rose significantly with over 900,000 and 800,000 more users ,respectively.

As was the case last month, Zynga continues to grow within Facebook and is waging a battle with Playfish as the top Facebook game developer. Although they have very different games, these two have come a long way. Who will make the next game? And will it be evolutionary or revolutionary? Either way, you’ll see it here.