Beegit Brings Content And Project Management Together With New Platform

BEEGITFINALCollaborative writing is hard to do. Former journalist Mike Cottrill understands that. Which is why he, along with co-founders JD Eaton and Kris Ciccarello, created Beegit (BEE-GET), a web based editor that’s also a project management platform. There are a lot of really great web editors and a lot of really great project management tools. But they never seem to work together. Says Cottrill:

The thing that messes up most projects ad deadlines is getting the content down. So we said, we can actually create a project management tool that has the content management system in it. Otherwise, you have to write in Google Docs, or god forbid, you write in word and track changes. So what is the project management tool doing for you?

That sounds like music to anyone’s ears who’s tried to collaborate on a story. What’s more interesting is that even though they had content marketers in mind (and Beegit is probably a great tool for companies, too) they found that publishers were coming to them during their private beta launch. Cottrill explains:

We pretty quickly found out that content marketing is a huge industry, but the first people that came  knocking were publishers -saying ‘we have distributed teams and people all over the world and we are trying to track all of their stories and we want to track all of the stories in one project. or edition. Alternative newspapers that are on weekly deadlines, for example.

You can track content, keep everyone on the same page, and then it “drops automatically into html for the web version and InDesign for a print edition,” Cottrill continues.

Nothing is worse than a bunch of Google Doc alerts while you’re editing a story with someone. You want in? Right now they are still in beta, though next month they are launching with a monthly subscription based service. Like other project management tools, you will pay based on contributors who edit; observers are free, so CEOs and others who don’t need to add anything (but always feel the need to have “final approval”) can peek, gratis. So the only thing they’re wasting is bandwidth — not your time or available inbox space.

You can check out their blog here and follow them @ProjectBeegit.

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