The Ultimate Time Machine: Social Media from 1960 – 2012 [Infographic]

What if your favorite social networks from the past hadn’t shut down? This timeline from Citizen Brando projects the user bases of social networks past and present, from the original version of the Internet service provider CompuServe in the 1960’s to Pinterest and Google+.

It covers a lot of the forgotten social networks, like; moves through check-in services like Gowalla (which just shut down this week after Facebook bought it); and culminates in a network you might not have tried yet: a UK-based site called GetLunched that helps professionals connect over a meal.

But what makes the timeline especially interesting is that there are user statistics for almost every site, even those that no longer exist. “We have used the current user base stats for networks which are still around,” said Citizen Brando’s Layla Hatia via email. “However, for networks which have since closed, we have calculated their market share when at their peak and estimated how big they would be in 2012.  For example, the peak user base for CompuServe in 1997 was 2.5 million, which equated to approximately 3.57 percent of the total size of the Internet in 1997. If it were to exist at that size today, it would have over 80 million users!”

To see a larger version of the infographic, click here.

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