The UN Makes Workplace Suggestions For International Day of Persons With Disabilities

globeToday is the International Day of Persons With Disabilities and as such, the UN has outlined areas for improvement like creating enabling work environments.

The numbers tell all: Globally one billion people live with a disability. Approximately 80 percent of this population lives in developing countries so technology access is key to the “full and equal participation of persons with disabilities.”

Along with the theme of sustainable development, this year the site indicates:

“The right to work is a fundamental human right. However, persons with disabilities are often not considered in employment due to negative perceptions regarding their ability to contribute or the high cost of accommodating their disability or inaccessible workplaces. Often, employers are unaware of the valuable contribution persons with disabilities can make in a diverse workplace, through the use of adaptive and assistive technologies, and other reasonable accommodation measures.”

By having access to technology, people with disabilities can fully perform on their jobs. That is, when employers go forth to first identify and then eliminate barriers to employment, advancement and retention of persons with disabilities. This benefits everyone, not just people with disabilities. After all, employers inevitably promote a workplace culture that’s fair and right. And most importantly, equal.

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