UPDATE: The Verge Releases Its First Super Bowl Ad

It would be the first Big Game ad for a new media company

You’re familiar with The Verge, the Vox Media tech site which recently added Valleywag veteran Nitasha Tiku to its editorial staff and produced a seizure-inducing three-minute overview of CES 2015.

Today it would seem that The Verge will be the first new media brand to advertise on the Super Bowl…though the campaign rollout was a little bumpy. Earlier today, the site’s followers received a link about a “DNP Verge Super Bowl ad,” but the link quickly turned into a 404 page.

Now, however, a little bit of YouTube sleuthing and an admission from Vox CEO Jim Bankoff led to the unveiling of what does, indeed, appear to be an ad set to run during Super Bowl XLIX:

Slate wonders whether this could be part of a “viral marketing stunt,” but our colleagues at FishbowlNY confirmed that it will run during the game on February 1st.

At the very least, it seems that The Verge aspires to reach a much wider audience. That move could also make it a more valuable destination for your tech clients.

UPDATE: We’ve received a statement from the Vox comms team on what turned out to be a huge — and hugely inexpensive — PR Win.

“It is in fact airing during the SuperBowl, regionally in Helena, Montana, where a :30 spot costs $700.

When it published, everyone assumed it was a national $4 million buy, and that idea really took on a life of its own…this is a prime example of the power of digital marketing and how rapidly ideas and speculation can spread.”

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