The Wars Calculator is a New Reference Utility for Mob Games on Facebook and MySpace

Mafia Wars, Mob Wars, Dragon Wars, Fashion Wars, Space Wars, Special Forces, Pirates, Vampires, and probably about two dozen more similar games exist within the Facebook and MySpace platforms. Just when it seemed more than one could handle, an interesting app crossed the ISG desk.

This app isn’t a game at all. Heck, it isn’t even an app, technically, but all the same it is a useful and well made tool. It is called “The Wars Calculator” and it comes as quite the highly recommended addition to your MySpace and Facebook RPG collection.

On the tool’s Facebook page is an Excel download for players to use, and within the spreadsheet the developer, Yinzer Productions, has included all the most useful information and calculations to help players manage things like property, gang size, banking calculations, or anything else that happens to be a key numerical element to 48 different games.

As you can imagine, the excel sheet is composed of a number of macros. Each macro is set up to do the math for you, so you can put in any number you want in the corresponding section (number of an item owned, its next price after purchase, etc) of any supported game, and the spreadsheet will make calculations in the exact way the live game would. This, in its own right, is invaluable since you get to redo things if you mess up, but even better than that, the program also makes recommendations on what you should do or by next (i.e. based on your current Mafia Wars stats, it will recommend the best property to purchase based on the games’ ROI).

The only downside to the tool is that spreadsheets tend to be a little overwhelming to your average, casual, social network user. That’s not to say it is hard to use, but someone less computer savvy will probably shy away from it. A bit of a make over into a more friendly looking app would go an extraordinarily long way with the general demographics that play the games it supports. Not only that, but if, for whatever reason, a users does not have Microsoft Excel, the tool won’t work.

Nevertheless, The Wars Calculator, in essence, is a very cool tool for any serious social RPG player. It just makes your life infinitely more convenient, and as the developer adds more and more supported titles, it should only get better.

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