‘The Women Who Run DC’ on ‘Meet the Press’

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 11.03.59 AMWhile much of the country drags its feet on female representation in government, our nation’s capital boasts a feat no other city can. Of the 50 largest cities in the US: 11 have female mayors, 12 have female school chancellors and only 6 have female police chiefs. DC is the only city to have all three top jobs occupied by women —  all three appeared on “Meet the Press” yesterday.

In a segment called “Women In Charge: Washington, DC,” Chuck Todd sat down with mayor Muriel Bowser, schools chancellor Kaya Henderson and police chief Cathy Lanier. Opening with Bowser, Todd pressed Washington’s new mayor on several key topics, including DC statehood, marijuana legalization.

Asked about the possibility of the DC vote being connected with Maryland or Virginia, Bowser replied, “We’re Washington D.C., Chuck. The residents of the District of Columbia really want to forge a new path towards statehood.  And we can start with budget autonomy, unhooking our government from the federal government.”

Redirecting the line of questions, Todd asked whether Bowser had any intention of suing Congress over their decision to shoot down the marijuana initiative.

“We want to work with our Congress and we want the will of the residents of D.C. to be enforced,” said Bowser.

Todd repeated the question, “have you ruled out a lawsuit?”

“We’re going to explore every option to get our law enforced, so that the chief also can have, to be very clear with the officers of what’s legal in the District and what isn’t,” Bowser indirectly responded.

MTP’s host then welcomed police chief Lanier and schools chancellor Henderson to the show. Asked how she’s had so much success in her seven years as police chief, despite a force comprised mostly by men:

“I don’t think your gender really matters in this line of work,” said Lanier “Like most uniformed services, if you come to work and work hard every day, and you have a reputation to being a hard worker, cops really don’t care if you’re male or female or black or white and nor does the community.  I’ve been here 24 years.  I love this city and I love my police department.  So I really haven’t had any issues.”

In the words of Bob Dylan, “the times they are a-changin’.”

Watch the full segment via NBC News.