These 11 Brands Are Already Using Instagram’s New Zoom Feature

From miniature scavenger hunts to #foodporn

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Zoom is Instagram's newest Snapchat-like feature. Instagram: @angietribecatbs

Less than a month after launching Instagram Stories—the Facebook-owned app's version of the popular Snapchat feature, which strings together photos and videos for 24 hours—Instagram moved a step ahead of Snapchat on Wednesday by giving users the ability to zoom in while viewing photos and videos.

Now, iPhone users can now pinch photos and videos to get a closer look at them, and there's plans to roll out zoom for Android phones in the coming weeks.

And when a social platform introduces something fresh, brands always follow, whipping up posts that incorporate what's new. Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners has already created posts for Morning Star Farms and Reyka Vodka using the feature, but marketers should be cautious before going-all in.

"With the zoom feature, there needs to be some inherent reason to look at an image closer to discover something, but that action of discovery still needs to connect to the brands messaging in some way or it'll just feel like a gimmick," said Steve O'Connell, ecd and partner at Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners. "That said, eventually the novelty of zooming in will wear off, and it'll simply be another tool in a brand's Instagram arsenal to be used specifically, only in special instances."

Take a look at how a handful of brands—including RTO+P's work for Morning Star Farms and Reyka Vodka—are using the feature below. Note: To see the zoom feature in action, click on each post from a mobile device, open it in the Instagram app and pinch and zoom across the screen.

#1 Reyka Vodka


to see how Iceland packs a lot in a small country. #instazoom

A photo posted by Reyka Vodka (@reyka_vodka) on

#2 The Cheesecake Factory


A cheesecake so nice, we put it here twice! Zoom in and find which cheesecake appears twice in our picture. Can you name it?

A photo posted by The Cheesecake Factory (@cheesecakefactory) on

#3 TBS' Angie Tribeca

#4 General Electric

#5 Noosa yogurt


What do cows say when they play hide-and-seek? Hint: pinch and zoom to find out.

A photo posted by noosa yoghurt (@noosayoghurt) on

#6 Morning Star Farms


Zoom in to see how a something small can make a big impact. Like this small seed. #WayToVeg

A video posted by MorningStar Farms (@morningstarfarms) on

#7 Bud Light Lime-A-Rita


Are you #MargaReady? Our new flavor is just a pinch away. Zoom in and find out what it is.

A photo posted by Lime-A-Rita (@lime_a_rita) on

#8 KFC Australia

#9 Primark


New in stores this week – go on, get a closer lk! #Primark #Instagram #zoom

A photo posted by Primark (@primark) on

#10 British Airways

#11 TurboTax

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