Zosia Mamet, Ali Wong and Sarah Jones Make Amusingly Odd Trio for Kate Spade New York

Comedians star in new #Missadventure

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It's been about two years since Kate Spade New York starting turning the everyday stories of interesting celebrities into off-kilter, funny digital videos aimed at making the fashion brand relatable.

In March, the brand started promoting the series, #Missadventure, in seasons with individual episodes that each focus on a different storyline, much like a television series. In its newest episode, the brand brings back HBO's Girls star Zosia Mamet, who has been featured in a couple of previous films, as well as stand-up comic Ali Wong and actress Sarah Jones.

The four-minute video shows the three women making their way to a female comedy event for charity at Rockefeller Center's Rainbow Room, but all in different ways. Mamet gets caught in an awkward embrace, while Wong FaceTimes her daughter through an awkward situation. And not even the PR girl knows who Jones is, a recurring theme for the brand, a la Anna Kendrick.

It's an unlikely trio, but that's kind of the point.

"We constructed this narrative around the idea of three separate narratives that could be intertwined and linked into one that really provided the feeling of classic storytelling," said Kristen Naiman, svp of brand creative at Kate Spade.

"The three of them are so uniquely funny but in distinctively different ways," she added. "In putting a really vast array of women together from huge icons all the way through to people who will eventually be icons but are still on the up and up, we're really able to contextualize our community of women as vast and diverse and interesting—each in their own right."

While telling multiple, individual stories in one piece is a bit new for the brand, the theme of playing with everyday occurrences that apply to women is the same.

"To do the thing that they do best, they encounter some problem in which they have to yield their talents to overcome the obstacle," Naiman said. "We're also interested in talking and thinking about this very universal feeling—to get to do what you do well, you have to move through so many experiences in your life that you have to overcome just to arrive at the place where you get to do the thing you love."

In addition to the video, Kate Spade New York is launching a new series of shorter clips to roll out in the next week. The series is called Miss Behavior, and British TV personality Poppy Jamie will interview the cast of Miss Adventure.

Both pieces of content are built for social media and digital and designed to be cut up into smaller bits for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, said Mary Beech, evp and CMO at Kate Spade.

"We know that short, bite-sized content appeals to our customer who is frequently on the go," she said. "Each time that we do one of these, we not only try to stretch the content creation but also our distribution strategy."

There is also a media buy planned with New York Magazine, which will create sponsored content on NYMag.com about the Rainbow Room and character profiles.

The brand is also partnering with shopping app MikMak for a campaign that lets people shop for a purse featured in the film and the products inside it. Ads on BuzzFeed will support the MikMak campaign.

"It points to something that's been fundamentally true and one of the strengths in Miss Adventure from the beginning, which is that it has always been a  'buy now, wear now' effort and always been shoppable in various forms," Beech said.

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