These Social Data Visualizations Show Olympics Wins and Badlands Beauty

Facebook and Instagram triumphs in August

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August on Facebook was all about the Olympics, and the personal brands of Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps benefited greatly. The social network said the Summer Games in Rio generated 1.5 billion interactions (shares, likes," "haha," "wow," "sad," etc.) by 277 million people.

On Instagram, the National Park Service popped big time thanks to its 100th anniversary celebration. The NPS utilized transportive imagery to tell stories about places like the Badlands in South Dakota (see image above).

The death of Gene Wilder—including Young Frankenstein—also was very much on Instagram's radar. 

We offer these findings thanks to Facebook IQ, which produced the Hot Topics data visualizations below. They measure the subject matter that drove disproportionately high volume in August on each platform. It marks the latest segment in a Facebook-Adweek series that began one year ago.

Check out the graphics below to learn more about recent social trends:





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