These Will Be the 6 Hottest Categories at CES

Wearables will be even more wearable. TVs more viewable. Drones more available. 3-D more printable. This year's Consumer Electronics Show will feature everything from biometric socks to 3-D scanners, and it's all of interest to tech-hungry marketers and brands that want to play with the next product that might give them a new line into customers and behavior.

"The new technology doesn't always have a marketing application upfront," says Luke Eid, global director of innovation at TBWA Worldwide. "But we take it through research and development. We experiment."

His agency is playing with minidrones and motion-capture armbands. Eid expects to see electronic leaps at the show, which should bring professional-grade tools to the masses—like drones, for instance, or cinema-quality video products.

"This year is about the refinement of a bunch of ideas we've seen from previous shows," says Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Omnicom Digital. "There will be more mobile and wearable devices, the Internet of Things, screens everywhere. And where there are screens and people's attention, there is advertising."

Here's a look at the categories to seek out at CES and what to expect from each:

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