This Twitter Account Lets You Read Everyone’s Google Searches (And They’re Hilarious!)

“How to make the chewbacca noise”

“what is a hipster?”

“what is a MILF?”

Ahh, priceless Google searches, made public thanks to the newest novelty Twitter account on the scene.

OverShareMe is a new app for Google Chrome that, once installed, will tweet your Google searches for all the world to see.

You can install it onto your Chrome web browser (or, as the website suggests, onto the browser of your “frenemy”), and simply let it auto-tweet away every time you perform a Google search.

But don’t worry – your embarrassing medical problems and obsession with cute cat photos won’t be broadcast to all of your Twitter followers. OverShareMe sends your searches to its associated Twitter account @PlzOverShareMe, tweeting them anonymously and attaching an unrelated hashtag to hide them.

The Twitter account has only been active for two days, but it’s already tweeted over 30 tweets. And while some are just your garden variety searches like “Pinterest” and “social media”, but there are some gems in there too. “What is a hipster?” is by far my favorite.

As this gains steam, I expect it will provide us with some pretty funny tweets. Seeing what people search for during their lunch breaks, their nights off or their slightly tipsy late night Internet sessions will definitely be entertaining.

However, a novelty account like this could easily be hijacked if people start searching for fake queries just to see their crazy searches public on the Twitter account.

Would you sign up for a novelty account like this one? Or is it all just a little too silly for your tastes? Let us know in the comments below.

(Hat tip: Business Insider; Magnifying glass image via Shutterstock)