Three Career Tips From TV Personality Lauren Lake

gavelIf you’ve seen Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court, then you’ve seen Lake presiding overly highly emotional cases.

Well, when it comes to career advice, she’s equally as passionate. We recently caught up with Lake for an exclusive interview.

1. Stop yearning for Fridays. “Get away from a place where you’re living for Friday and dreading Monday,” she advises. “Find what you love most in life and create a life around that. It’s possible.”

For instance, Lake loves to be artistic and also loves intellectual things like practicing law and helping people. “I found a way to combine all of those things…we can each do this in our own lives. It just takes doing the work.”

2. Create your own experiences. If you’re trying to get experience that you need, the only way you’re going to get the experience is to “just begin to do the work.”

She explains, “If you are a writer, then write. If you want to be a television talent, then talk about the issues impacting our world, our country, hot topics and start your own YouTube channel.”

3. Simply begin. “Take that step. It requires action.”