Three Signs You Bombed the Job Interview

Job interviewWe’re all about being positive here at MediaJobsDaily, but let’s face it. Sometimes the interview just did not go as well as planned.

Maybe you were nervous. Maybe the interviewer behaved badly and was completely disinterested and/or distracted. Maybe the role wasn’t clearly defined.

Whatever the reason, there are several ways to read the signs and trust your gut this just isn’t the job for you. Sometimes it’s not as clear so this piece on Monster outlined a few signs it was a bust.

1. The interview was short. Did the interview feel abrupt and last less than 20 minutes? Maybe the interviewer didn’t ask you too many questions but maybe they just weren’t that into you. Don’t take it personally.

2. The interviewer was distracted. This really gets under our skin. When the interviewer takes a quick peek at his or her phone or starts doodling, he or she is definitely thinking about other things.

Here’s the interesting thing — it may not have any reflection on you or your abilities to do the job. The interviewer may simply be distracted and having a bad day. If you’re having a difficult time engaging him or her in conversation no matter how hard your trying, imagine how difficult that will be on the job when you need to talk. This could actually be a blessing in disguise — if the distracted interviewer also happens to be your potential boss, run do not walk to the nearest exit door.

3. No mention of clear job responsibilities. If the interviewer is truly interested in you for the role, he or she will likely outline the job responsibilities and functionalities to you. And if you specifically ask about responsibilities and you’re not getting a direct answer, start questioning their interest in you.

The piece points out, “If this doesn’t happen, it could be that they aren’t planning on offering you the job so don’t think there’s any point in explaining the role in further detail.”