Three Steps to a Successful Digital Cleanse

no emailIf you’re planning on cutting back your digital presence the next several days, good luck!

Half-kidding. It’s more like good for you!

We’re impressed by your motivation but you may not even realize how attached you are to your device until you deprive yourself from logging on. Thanks to a few tips outlined in Inc., there are indeed ways to survive and thrive sans technology (at least for a few days).

1. Get motivated! Why are you doing it? Are you unplugging because you want to reach a state of zen without feeling attached 24/7 to work? Or maybe you’re trying to actually workout at the gym instead of checking Instagram.

The piece points out, “Whatever it is, think about what needs to happen–recharging, spending quality time with friends–and get specific. Then write it down.”

2. Set goals. How long are you planning on being offline? Until New Year’s Day? Until January 5? Until this coming Sunday? Be realistic in the amount of time you need to recharge your own batteries.

Are you going to avoid it cold turkey or perhaps allow yourself 10 minutes and 10 minutes only on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram before it’s time to log off?

3. Make a list. Figure out activities ahead of time you’ll enjoy that don’t involve your phone, tablet, laptop, all of the above. Kick it old school and read a book, go for a walk in your neighborhood, check out those post-Christmas sales at the nearest mall or spend quality time with quality people to “be really mindful of what you like to do with the people you love.”

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