Three Tips for Getting Your Mobile Promotions Started

The world has gone mobile and the worlds of PR and marketing are racing to do a bit of catching up. As the lines between marketing disciplines blur, so do the lines between when and how people are logging on to the Web. They’re on their computers and watching TV at the same time. Or watching TV and tweeting from their mobile devices during the commercials.

In today’s guest post, Zach Hoffman, founder and CEO of Internet marketing company exults talks about how marketers and PR pros can make their mobile campaigns resonate with an ever-growing audience. Exults was rebranded this year, and Hoffman has more than 15 years of experience in the Internet marketing space.

According to Hoffman, by taking three basic factors into account, you can jump start your mobile efforts.

Making Strides in Mobile by Zach Hoffman, CEO, exults

Everywhere you look, people of all ages and incomes have their nose in their smartphone or tablet. What does this mean for marketers?

Get In on the Ground Floor
Now is the perfect time to get established on the mobile platform. The vast majority of advertising does not currently reach the mobile audience. Tailoring your campaign for mobile use will put you ahead of the curve. As the number of sites available in a mobile format increases, users become less willing to “pinch and squint” in order to navigate a desktop site on their smaller screens. Providing potential customers with an easily digestible format dramatically increases the likelihood of engagement.

Less Is More
Numerous studies have concluded that the mobile user who is searching for a given product is highly likely to make a purchase within the next hour. In contrast, desktop users may spend days or even weeks shopping around. Moreover, mobile users are just one click away from making a phone call. Have you tailored your landing pages to be easily readable and specific to the needs of that mobile customer?  Difficult, though it may be, fight the temptation to load your landing page with extraneous information. Provide your potential customers with a mobile-friendly landing page dedicated to the product they’re searching for and you’ll earn their trust.

Hit Your Targeted Demographic on All Fronts
It may surprise you to learn that roughly half of mobile searches take place at home. It’s been shown that when they’re not on the go, people like to use their smartphones or tablets with other media sources, like television. Failing to take that into consideration could mean missing out on a valuable opportunity for interaction. Super Bowl commercials provide a prime example of how a multi-faceted approach increases ROI. According to Google, 41 percent of Super Bowl-related searches during the game were performed on mobile devices. Purchasing televised ad time gives you thirty-seconds to connect with potential customers, but direct those customers to a user-friendly mobile campaign and you’ve opened the door for a much lengthier interaction.

The most important thing to remember when constructing your mobile campaign is the needs of your audience. A successful desktop strategy does not automatically achieve the same outcome on mobile. An established presence, refined landing page, and well-rounded campaign are the best ways to gain new customers across the mobile market. Earn the trust of the mobile user and you can turn a one-time customer into a customer for life.

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