Three Ways to Make the Most Out of Downtime at Work

ImproveJobProspectsHello, holidays! Helllllllo, downtime.

If your office is getting more and more quiet by the hour, rejoice! Enjoy the peace and quiet and downtime. Now, we’re not saying to take a two-hour lunch at Macy’s for last minute sales. Rather, enjoy the lighter workload and empty in-box by taking advantage of productive time that’s not too intense.

1. Set new goals. For starters, take this focused, quiet time for some introspection. Where do you want your career to be one year from now when you’re recapping 2015? Are you looking for a new job in the new year? Promotion? New responsibilities? Contemplating a lateral move to redirect your career for a more powerful position? Or maybe you’re considering going freelance full-time.

Whatever the case, set aside time when no one’s knocking on your door to focus on the number one priority: yourself! This can relate to both professional and personal goals.

As you’re setting goals, break them down into digestible bites. How will you achieve the top two goals on a daily and weekly basis? What are your action items? Go ahead and have fun. Enjoy envisioning your future and taking strides to make it a reality!

2. Clean out your desk. Sure, most of us are certainly paperless by now but physically go through your junk drawer. Throw out old snack bars you haven’t eaten at a while and trash that crusty umbrella that has a hole in it.

3. Get organized with tech. As you’re in a decluttering spree, go ahead and review your in-box. Create new folders and organize your tech world. Delete folders you don’t use and find out why your computer is so darn slow. Make those calls to the help desk you’ve been putting off for months.

And while you’re at it, check out your phone. Delete old apps you no longer use and create space for new energy (ahem, new apps) to enter!

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