Three Ways to Productively Procrastinate

lazy coworkerIf you’ve been known to procrastinate from time to time, this post’s for you.

How many times have you attempted to tackle a lofty task or goal only to get distracted?

Well, what happens when distraction actually becomes a productive use of your time? The initial goal is being brushed under the rug but you’ve managed to at least get something else done.

A post on Freelancers Union gave us something to think about. Their advice? Divide an hour into 45 minutes of creative work and 15 minutes for your less fun to-dos. In turn, you’re giving yourself a mental break by doing things that need to get done even though they’re not as much fun to check off the list.
Here are a few ways to implement the 45/15 mindset into your day…

1. Start each day with a list of tasks. The piece points out, “Identify your to-dos for the day or week. Try to be as detailed as possible, even with things that seem obvious like doing the dishes, or invoicing a client.”

2. Break tasks into creative tasks and other to-do items. After you identify what must get done, prioritize them into the 45/15 segments within each hour. If you don’t get one of the less important tasks done, no worries there. Shift it to the list tomorrow morning.

3. Set an alarm! Time flies when you’re having fun so when you’re immersed in juicy work, it can certainly escape you. Set an alarm so you can control chunks of time and “take the guess work out of how long you will be working on a specific task.”

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