TikTok, Explore.org Let People Become One With Nature While Social Distancing

They teamed up on nonstop streams of animals from around the world

Decorah eagles are among animals featured in nonstop streams Explore.org/TikTok
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Social distancing is keeping people inside and away from nature, so TikTok teamed up with Explore.org to bring nature to their devices.

The Expore.org TikTok profile will feature nonstop streams of animals including Decorah eagles, Grace gorillas, Happiness Village pandas, Homosassa manatees and Tembe elephants, as well as the Northern Lights if they are visible in the evening.

These streams can also be found via TikTok’s Discover tab.

And TikTok used augmented reality to power an effect that brings animals such as dinosaurs, monkeys or sea turtles into creators’ videos.


It’s getting wild out here

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