Time Inc. Is Planning to Sell Coastal Living, Sunset and Golf

The first plans for an outright sale

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If Time Inc.’s intended sale of a majority stake in Essence sent mixed signals about what Time Inc. considers a “core asset” (Essence is core, according to Time Inc. CEO Rich Battista), Time Inc.’s plans for Coastal Living, Sunset and Golf do not.

As Bloomberg’s Gerry Smith reported yesterday, Time Inc. is considering a potential sale of those three titles, with Battista telling Smith that Time Inc. needs to “focus on the key biggest growth drivers of this company that will move the needle the most.” And while he calls Coastal Living, Sunset and Golf “wonderful titles and wonderful brands,” he tells Smith that “they’re just relatively smaller in our portfolio.”

The three titles span two coasts and all four cardinal directions. The Birmingham, Ala.-based Coastal Living is a home design and lifestyle magazine for life on North America’s coasts. The California-based Sunset focuses on life out West, and the New York-based Golf is self-explanatory.

Time Inc. will be focusing its energies on video for both television and social, and on growing the Foundry, its branded content studio and digital vertical incubator.

Bonus: Business Insider got its hands on the template Time Inc. sends to employees of to-be-sold titles. You can check that out here.

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