Teachers, Watchdog Give Time Cover an ‘F’

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) wants Time to apologize for this November 3 issue cover, on newsstands Monday.


From the AFT’s petition:

The cover is particularly disappointing because the articles inside the magazine present a much more balanced view of the issue. But for millions of Americans, all they’ll see is the cover and a misleading attack on teachers.

Meanwhile, Peter Hart over at Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) takes issue with another aspect of Time‘s look at a group of Silicon Valley millionaires aiming to improve the public education system:

The Time piece, by Haley Sweetland Edwards, waits until the very end to tell readers that the teacher evaluation scheme central to the argument it is advancing is highly dubious…

There’s a technique that supposedly measures teacher quality, and you can sue public schools that fail to adopt it. Does anyone have a problem with this approach? Of course. Teachers, for example, and their unions – who are, shockingly, never quoted in Time‘s piece.

Update (October 30):
Time editor Nancy Gibbs has posted a brief response to the brouhaha:

Time has nothing but admiration for America’s dedicated teachers and their commitment to excellence… Our mission is to spur discussion of important issues, and in the interest of an informed debate, I am making the story free for all readers, so everyone can judge for themselves.

[Image courtesy: Time]

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