Tina Brown, Newsweek/Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief, Talks About Going Digital

Tina Brown, the Newsweek/Daily Beast editor-in-chief, discussed the decision this morning on CBS This Morning to move her publication from print to digital.

As we reported yesterday, after 80 years of buying Newsweek at the newsstand or by home delivery, the company is dropping the print version as of December 31.

Brown told Charlie Rose this morning that the mobile app is no longer the future.

“We really do feel that we’ve reached a tipping point in this industry,” Brown said. “That you’re seeing now – there are 17 million tablets now in the U.S., iPad Minis coming out with 10 million ordered.”

Rose asked her if this dramatic move was expected at the beginning of Brown’s tenure at Newsweek/Daily Beast.

“Two years ago this wouldn’t have been the absolutely inevitable outcome this fast. But the fact is that The Daily Beast is enormously successful… We have had a 70 percent increase in traffic and we’re part of Barry Diller’s international company, which is 21 digital companies under one roof, so there was always a feeling and a knowledge inside us that eventually we would go to be a digital company.”

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CBS’ Gayle King questioned Brown about the anti-digital crowd, which she included herself in. Those who would prefer to read the magazine’s hard copy.

“I look through those planes and all those 40- and 50-year-olds are reading screens too, sorry, Gayle.”

On the topic of job cuts, Brown was evasive.

“We don’t yet have those numbers. There will be reductions, but we don’t yet have those numbers.”

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