TinyCo promising up to 75% revenue share through Tiny Partners Ad Program

TinyCo wants reinvent mobile advertising and partnerships with its new Tiny Partners program. Launching today, Tiny Partners is setting itself apart from other user acquisition offerings with a promise that its developers will earn back at least 50 percent of the lifetime value they deliver to TinyCo.

According to Mike Sandwick, TinyCo’s manager of strategic partnerships, his company is offering such generous terms to set up a win-win situation between TinyCo and its partners.

The high payouts encourage developers to create deeply integrated brand advertisements that are both interesting and complimentary to a user’s overall experience. Since this strategy tends to convert users at a much higher rate than banner ads or basic interstitials, the more high quality conversions a developer can deliver, the more they stand to earn in the long run, explains Sandwick.

Developers will receive a minimum 50 percent revenue share of the lifetime value (LTV) of every user delivered to TinyCo through Tiny Partners, but the company is willing to raise share up to 75 percent of LTV based on factors like the volume of leads delivered and the depth and quality of the brand integration.

“Say a developer sends a user to the game TinyMonsters,” he says. “If that user spends $200 over the next 12 months, then the developer will see $100 in revenue.” On the accounting end, TinyCo will be calculating a user’s LTV every month. Developers earning more than $1000 will be paid every month, and quarterly if they’re below that threshold.

While generous to developers, the program is also highly beneficial to TinyCo, since the company won’t have to pay in advance for its Tiny Partners ad inventory. Making Tiny Partners results-orientated also guarantees that TinyCo won’t pay for ads that don’t work — developers may have the potential to earn handsomely, but ultimately they only earn money when TinyCo does.

“No one is doing anything like this right now,” says Andrew Green, TinyCo’s director of business development. “I suspect that if we see success doing this, other providers will start to create these types of programs.

The Tiny Partners SDK is available for both Android and iOS, and supports apps published in the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. Early partners include companies like Mobility Ware and Riptide Games. Interested developers can learn more here.