Tipp-Ex Lets You Make A Hunter Hump A Bear In Interactive YouTube Campaign

More and more brands are breaking out of the box with YouTube takeover campaigns that jump out of the video player to utilize the entire YouTube interface. We’ve already seen a variety of neat campaigns from Samsung, Sylvester Stallone and The Expendables, Cadbury and more. Now Tipp-Ex whiteout is getting creative with a cool, new interactive YouTube takeover ad campaign called ‘A hunter shoots a bear.’

The Tipp-Ex campaign features a video called ‘A hunter shoots a bear’, in which the hunter yells “Hey! I don’t wanna shoot this bear!” and reaches out of the player to grab a Tipp-Ex whiteout Pocket Mouse and whites out the word “shoots” from the title. Viewers are invited to write whatever they want into the whited-out area of the interface and click play to watch as the hunter does what they say.

I tried a variety of different terms, including ‘A hunter “dances with” a bear’, ‘A hunter “eats” a bear’, ‘A hunter “hugs” a bear’, ‘A hunter “farts on” a bear’, ‘A hunter “humps” a bear’, and ‘A hunter “sings to” a bear’. Surprisingly there were videos for all of these, though to be fair the bear actually farts on the hunter, and not the other way around, and the hunter humping the bear is blocked out with a “Parental Advisory” logo. But all in all, I’d say this is a pretty impressive campaign! And for those of you smirking because I made the hunter hump and fart on the bear, get over yourselves– you know you were thinking about it too.

If you haven’t seen the Tipp-Ex campaign yet, you can check it out on the Tipp-Ex branded YouTube Channel. Let us know what you think in the comments. What did you make the hunter do, and was there a video for it?

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