Tips For an Office-Friendly Halloween

pumpkinHalloween is only a few days away!

Considering it’s on a Friday this year, chances are you may plan on attending a party or two that night.

How about during the day? Fridays lend themselves to being more casual in general at work but how does that apply to the work-related Halloween fete?

Well, like everything there’s a fine line between being appropriate and crossing the line. Here are a few tips to keep in mind so you can have fun in the office while not being that over the top guy or gal.

1. Keep it above board. You know how you should always steer clear from politics talk at the office and potential controversial water cooler buzz? Yeah, this applies to costumes as well. Nothing too sexy, nothing too offensive. No midriff-baring, please.

2. Keep it simple. As if working hard all week isn’t stressful enough on top of parenting responsibilities of getting the kiddies all decked out for school, you may simply not have time to prepare for the work party.

That said, you don’t want to be a stick in the mud either by not dressing up if your office culture is pro-Halloween. Opt for something simple like Halloween socks or sporting a pumpkin pin on your lapel. Sure, people may ask where your full costume is and that’s okay. At least you got into the spirit of the holiday a little.

3. Watch your behavior. Sure, you know that dressing up in green body paint (and body paint alone) isn’t the best and only way to parlay yourself as a green M&M in front of colleagues. When you’re cautious with your costume, you should be cognizant about your behavior as well.

Consider this like your holiday party in December. Yes, it’s a fun and festive event! Yes, you should enjoy yourself. Just don’t completely let loose and bob for apples in a vat full of sangria. On that note, Happy Halloween!

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