Tips for Landing an Entry-Level Social Media Job

While some employers discourage the use of social networks through invasive practices, others want prospective employees to maximize their presence on Facebook.

After talks with recruiters, Whitney Parker of Brazen Careerist compiled a list of tips to help those who want to land a job in social media management, especially without prior experience. “It’s probably not enough to tell a hiring manager that you have a Facebook page,” Parker writes, “so where do you start?”

She suggests the following:

1. Test your mettle by committing to an internship
Internships are not just abundant in the general media space, but also in the social media world.

2. Target your potential employer with a social media ad campaign
Social media is part science, part creativity. Parker recommends that applicants set up a website that also includes a video introduction and then promote that page using a social media ad campaign.

3. Take an online course to show you’re savvy about learning new skills
Social media is so new and is constantly changing. To stay competitive, applicants should stay abreast of the latest developments through continuous education and professional development.

4.  Highlight your outgoing personality traits
Introverts don’t go far in a career that requires connecting with people, even in an online world. Employers want to see your personality shine through application materials.

5. Optimize your own social profiles and point employers to them
It’s not a good idea to have a LinkedIn profile that hasn’t been updated since you opened the account in ’10.  All of your social media profiles should be current and reflect social media optimization.

Parker recommends that you start building a brand for yourself through social media. What better way to show employees that you could do the same for them?

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