Tired of Thieves, Chinese Government Demands Museums Beef Up Security

Now something to do with China that has nothing to do with Ai Weiwei for a change (unless he happens to be moonlighting as a cat burglar). Back in May, you might recall, thieves stole a number of items from Beijing’s Forbidden City, which turned out to be just the start of a summer of embarrassing incidents for the country as additional heists were pulled off. Reuters is reporting that now the government has issued a mandate requiring all museums to beef up their security or they will be forced to close temporarily until the issues are fixed. If they don’t do enough, then those closures will be permanent. We think it’s safe to assume that there’s some hiring going on right now across China. Here’s a bit:

“People who have been lured by the high profits attained through the theft and smuggling of ancient relics tend to set their targets on various museums,” state news agency Xinhua cited a notice from Ministry of Public Security and State Administration of Cultural Heritage as saying.

“Police and cultural authorities should examine museum security systems and improve training for museum guards. Museums should make emergency response plans and conduct emergency drills every six months to improve their ability to handle thefts.”

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