TMZ Live Coming to Fox 11

Starting March 12 at 3 p.m., Fox 11 will test TMZ Live, a new spinoff of the nightly gossip news show.

Regular visitors of are probably familiar with the concept of TMZ Live, the weekday online show that gives fans a look inside the often hectic West Hollywood newsroom. Sirius XM picked up the show last year and now the one-hour broadcast hopes to find further success on TV.

“On TMZ Live, we invite people into this newsroom for an hour a day to see how we break stories and see the debates that go on,” TMZ founder Harvey Levin told Broadcasting & Cable. “We talk with the celebrities who are involved in some of these stories. It’s not a structured talk show where everyone is on a stage; it’s being part of this room. Everyone has a voice in the room, so it’s very loose in that sense. There’s a free-flowing debate going on all the time. Viewers feel like they are part of this room and they see how TMZ works.”

TMZ Live replaces The Jeremy Kyle Show, which is moving to KCOP My13.

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