Tocquigny Gives the Ad People What They Want: Tacos and Beer

Decades-old digital agency still knows how to have fun


Who Fom left: vice presidents Colin Gilligan, Chris Patten, Prentice Howe; president Tom Fornoff; CEO Yvonne Tocquigny

What Digital ad agency

Where Austin, Texas

To appeal to SXSW attendees last year, Tocquigny created the "Tocquigny Taco Tour," a one-of-a-kind bus tour of Austin's best taco joints, supplying participants with free beer along the way. "Our Monday morning meeting starts with breakfast tacos, and we end with a beer on Friday," Tocquigny vp Prentice Howe said about the idea. "We also have a personal trainer who comes in on Thursday." The digital creative agency's understanding of how to infuse fun into advertising helps brands like Dell and Jeep transform to fit the digital times. It even took on Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions as a client, creating an interactive website that educated visitors on pavement preservation in a fresh way. With its positive outlook, Tocquigny believes there isn't any brand out there that can't have a robust strategy online.