Too Nervous To Take Your Smartphone Into The Toilet? This Dispenser Will Print Out Your Tweets

There have been a few odd Twitter-hybrid creations in the past, like that Tweeting bench or coffee pot that starts brewing when you tweet to it. But this one deserves to sit on the throne, so to speak, of strange Twitter-ventions: a toilet paper roll that prints out your Twitter timeline while you wait.

I personally haven’t heard a horror story of someone dropping their smartphone in the toilet while tweeting, but maybe that’s just because it would be too embarrassing a tale to tell. Regardless, this little invention would stop such a tragic occurence from ever happening, by bringing your timeline to your toilet paper.

Created by Mario Lukas, a German designer, this Toilet Paper Printer is exactly what it sounds like.

While you’re doing your business in the bathroom, you can casually read your Twitter feed or RSS… on toilet paper. The wooden frame is connected to a printer arm and small computer, which reads your tweets and spits them out onto the roll.

I just hope the ink is biodegradable.

You can check out the Toilet Paper Printer in action, and see how it was made, in the video below:

(Image courtesy of via Shutterstock, Hat Tip: cnet)